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Kade McKenna



Christian Lau


our story

Welcome to Studio IVE,  a digital media production studio dedicated to making stories come alive. Studio IVE was founded by two high school friends, about to embark to college. They, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, decided to instead create a production studio in an attempt to pursue their one true passion: filmmaking. Kade and Christian met in the 8th grade while both working on a feature-length school film titled Twilight Ridge:The Movie (2015). From that point on, the two continued to produce content. Their work ranged from school sponsored productions to narrative based passion projects. The two have a combined 14 years of filmmaking experience, an overwhelming amount considering their young ages of 18 and 19. The two both have their own respective production companies: Kade McKenna Film (KMF) and Christian Lau Productions in which they have produced hours of freelance work.
Together, on their new project (studio IVE) they hope to continue to produce a variety of familiar as well as fresh, new content for a modern audience.